Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to work from home. It will make you independent and you will not require to start any new business. Neither will you have be employed under a certain company. You can operate under your real name being a freelancer and no form of registration as a business is necessary. You can start being a freelancer overnight, which will make your life hassle free and you will be able to save great expenses. Someone who offers their services for a certain fee can be referred to as a freelancer. You will not need to develop a long term relationship with a certain employer as you will be an independent worker.

freelancerWhy would you choose freelance?

Freelancing is an ideal way for a steady stream of income. In case you lose a full time job, freelancing is an efficient way to keep on earning while you look for another full time job. You can also shift to being an independent freelancer permanently if you do not like the idea of working under someone and want to become your own boss.

Types of work you can do as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you can undertake several types of work. The most common and popular freelance jobs are as follows:

• Freelance writer
• Freelance publishing service provider
• Freelance virtual professional or designer/developer
• Freelance bookkeeping

Almost all types of work which one might consider doing full time can be carried out being a freelancer, with your own name.

What do you require to become a freelancer?

For freelancing, you require something valuable or some skill which you can offer to clients. Most freelancers concentrate on stuff at which they are good at. For becoming a successful freelancer, you require some other items such as:

• A website for self promotion
• A business cell phone number where interest clients can contact or reach you
• A business card
• A specific business address like a post box
• A portfolio of your samples and best work
• Several references which are likely to build as you keep working

Finding freelance work

Finding freelance work depends on the type of work you are interested in doing. There are several resources for freelance jobs, such as CraigsList, Guru, Freelancer and ELance which are dedicated websites. Most of these freelance job websites are free, but for some you may require paid membership. There are several unions of freelance workers, where you can find yourself freelance work. There are websites which gives you the opportunity to advertise your services as a freelancer for free. Your profile also gets posted on these freelance websites from where clients can contact you. It is ideal for you to become a part of certain networks, which are related to the type of service you provide. Posting a profile on social networking sites, especially LinkedIn is also recommended.

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jobsHow to handle taxes?

Similar to any full time job or business, freelancers have to pay the local, state and federal taxes. You have to file estimated tax returns exactly like in the case of setting up your own business. For freelancers, the taxes have to be filed under the freelancer’s name and his social security number in place of a business name and tax identification number. The taxes are filed on a quarterly basis. If you do not pay the estimated taxes on a quarterly basis, you may be facing penalties and charges from the IRS, as well as from your state.

Why is freelancing a genuine way to earn money?

If you are a freelancer, you will be able to earn good amounts of money and you will be able to fix your own working hours. In freelancing, you may be very busy with overflowing work amounts during one month and the next month might be quite light with much less work. During the times of less pressure, you can relax, rest and look for new ways to acquire more clients with higher rates. During the free time, you can update your website and study market trends. You might be able to find out more ways to market the services you provide as a freelancer. Freelancing saves you a lot of money as you do not have to travel to a workplace everyday. You will have independence and also will be able to save a lot of energy as maximum freelancers work from home. You will deal with your clients via telecommunication directly which will make your life simpler and save you a lot of time.
It is quite easy to become a freelancer if you are talented in something and you can do it on a freelance basis. Many people are switching from full time office jobs to being a freelancer because of the various advantages and prospects.


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