Our Windows PC keep records of all our internet activities including visited web pages, videos, documents, software, images we use and much more. These all are recorded in various log files, both online as well as offline. Apart from the internet activities, Windows all keeps log of Windows applications like Windows Media Player, Office and others, creates a separate log files to track all our activities.

Today almost all of us depend upon the internet of our various day to day job, including in office as well as home. Issues like data theft and online identity theft increasing dramatically, and it is very important to clear the track history from your PC. Deleting the entire track history from the PC manually is difficult task and also involves lots of time.

Today, we will discuss about a third party freeware application which can help you to erase the browsing privacy from Windows PC.

Glary Tracks Eraser

Glary Tracks Eraser

Glary Track Eraser helps you in erasing all your activities on your PC, including cookies, click history, run menu, browsing history and much more. This free program is also able to delete the temporary files stored in your PC and free up the space on your hard drive.

Glary Track Eraser scans the computer thoroughly and brings out a list of all temporary and unwanted files, including browsing history, files of recycle bin, clipboard, my network places and log files of Windows apps.

Although Glary Tracks Eraser removes temporary files, it is basically focus on cleaning of tracks left by the user. You can not compare it with any other Disk Cleaners.

Glary Track Eraser is a simple Internet privacy proctor freeware app, lets you protect your Internet privacy by cleaning up all browsing history, internet tracks, Windows apps usage tracks and network activity. After cleaning the PC through Glary Track Eraser it free up a significant amount of space, and improves the performance of your PC.

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