I have earlier shared about MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition that comes free for home users. Now, with the collaboration of thewindowsclub, MiniTool is providing its pro version for free. This offer is valid for only 4 days.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition License

To get a free copy of MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition free, you need to subscribe for MiniTool Newsletter. Visit this link and put your email. You will get an email to confirm the subscription. After confirmation of subscription, you will get an email with licence code and download link of MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition Registration

Download the freeware partition software and run it in PC. After installation, it will automatically open and ask you registration code. Put the registration code and enjoy the free copy of your MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 9.0

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 9.0Features of MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional 9.0

Basic Partition Management

  1. Create Partition
  2. Delete Partition
  3. Format Partition
  4. Hide Partition
  5. Change Drive Letter
  6. Set Partition Label
  7. Convert FAT/FAT32 to NTFS

Advanced Partition Management

  1. Move/Resize Partition
  2. Extend Partition
  3. Split Partition
  4. Align Partition
  5. Wipe Partition
  6. Explore Partition
  7. Convert NTFS to FAT 32
  8. Set Partition as Primary
  9. Set Partition as Logical
  10. Copy Partition Wizard
  11. Partition Recovery Wizard
  12. Migrate OS to SSD/HD
  13. Windows Storage Spaces

Basic Disk Management

  1. Disk Copy
  2. Delete All Partitions
  3. Align All Partitions
  4. Recover All Partitions
  5. Rebuild MBR
  6. Wipe Disk
  7. Convert MBR Disk to GPT
  8. Convert GPT Disk to MBR

Additional Functions

  1. Merge Partition
  2. Change Cluster Size
  3. Resize/Move Dynamic Volume
  4. Delete Dynamic Volume
  5. Format Dynamic Volume
  6. Change Dynamic Volume Letter
  7. Change Dynamic Volume label
  8. Wipe Volume
  9. Change Dynamic Volume Cluster Size
  10. Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic
  11. Copy Volume

The Bsic Difference between MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition and MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

The free edition of MiniTool Partition tool does not support the “Additional Functions”.

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