Huawei Unlock Tool V2.4.3.0 is a great portable offline software to unlock your Huawei Modem for free. Huawei Unlock Tool V2.4.3.0 not only can unlock your Huawei Modems for free but it is able to reset unlock counter from 10 to 0. It is specially beneficial for those people who have entered 10 wrong attempts by unlocking in his modem. All huawei modems supports only 10 attempts to unlock the modem. This tool is totally free to use and has been created by Malinda Prasad and team specially for Huawei modems. 
Interested users can download this tool from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

Step by Step guide to Unlock Huawei Modem and Reset it counter from 10 to 0 :

  • Connect your non customized Huawei modem to computer / laptop and let it install all the drivers and run the dashboard of modem.
  • Now disconnect the internet and close the dashboard.
  • Click on Refresh button and after that click on Connect button on the right side of the Refresh button.
  • Now your Huawei Model will be get connected to Huawei Unlock Tool V2.4.3.0.
  • Now click on GetThis IMEI button and it will display your modem IMEI, Manufacture and Model.
  • Now click on Get Unlock Code button to generate Unlock Code and Flash Code for your modem.
  • Now users who want to unlock his modem can simply press Send Unlock button and your modem will be unlocked.
  • Users who wants to reset his unlock counter from 10 to 0 just press Reset Counter.
  • If your modem does not accept then Just press Force button.
  • Users who have disabled the Voice feature by mistake can enable by pressing Enable Voice button.
This is a great and so much beautiful tool for Huawei 35 series IMEI to generate unlock code, flash code, unlock Huawei modem, reset counter from 10 to 0. Users who are searching for unlocking tool must use this tool. I am sure this tool will replace the Huawei Modem By Bojs V5.8.1 very soon in feature.

Download Huawei Unlock Tool V2.4.3.0


  1. please i need your help…when i reset counter nothing displays in other words, it doesnt work.
    i have also tried the force button but it also displays nothing…

  2. please help me to unlock my huawei modem Y3C imei : 868759026153736
    imei : 868759026153744
    both of them
    this is dual sim phone…

  3. good day pls i need your help to unlock my huawei e303 with the imei m=no.868988012044118 pls i need the unlock code to unlock my mtn huawei modem e303 pls sir