If you are an Android Phone / Tablet user, then you must know about beautiful Android Pattern Lock. Now pattern lock is available for Windows PC also, which download link is provided at the end of the article.


If you are using such a PC which can be accessed by another person also, then security is very must. Basically security is locking the computer screen to prevent other people access without your permission, while you are away from it. There are another ways also to prevent, like you can use password protected screensaver to keep computer safe. However, Eusing Maze Lock is totally different type security for PC users.

“Eusing Maze Lock” freeware tool uses patter lock technique to help your computer, as Android Smartphone and Tablet do. You need first to set your own unlock pattern by connecting some of the nine dots together. When you try to unlock your computer, you need to draw the same pattern by mouse exactly as you had set.

It also supports lock screen background image, change the pattern to 4 x 4 or 5 x 5. Eusing Maze Lock can auto-lock the computer when windows startup and computer inactive. It works like a screensaver and it shows Current time, date, month and year.

In my opinion for better security, one should must use “Eusing Maze Lock” to lock your Windows PC with better security. As per official website “Eusing Maze Lock” works with Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have tested in Windows 8.1 and it worked fine.

Download Eusing Maze Lock (Latest version 3.2)

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