Unlocking of Vodafone R216 is available by changing the firmware, which has lower version firmware. In Portugal and Australia, this router is available in the market as model no. R216h. In the U.K. Vodafone R216 is available with firmware version which can be unlocked by changing the firmware. Unlocking solution of Vodafone R216 is also available by boot shot method. These all are Huawei make devices and you can directly place the order for unlock code if the device prompts for simlock and attempts are left to enter the code.

In Portugal and some other countries, Vodafone R216-Z is also available which is ZTE make and can you can place the order for ZTE unlock code.

Now coming to the topic, after unlocking of Vodafone R216 / R216h routers, “how to create a new profile?”

How to Create a new Profile in Vodafone R216 / R216h Router?

1. On Windows PC, click the network icon.

2. Highlight the name of your Wi-Fi hotspot and click Connect.

Note: Open the back cover to find the name and password for your Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. Key in the password for Wi-Fi hotspot and click Next.

Now a connection to your computer with Wi-Fi hotspot will be established.


4. Connect the device to PC with USB cable.

5. Open My Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM and install in PC.

6. Open any browser and key in http://vodafonemobile.wifi in the address bar and press Enter from the keyboard.

Now a connection to your computer with Wi-Fi hotspot will be established.

7. Highlight the field next to “Password” and key in admin.

8. Click Login.

9. Click Mobile Broadband.

10. Click Connection.

11. Click the drop-down list below “Account type” and select Custom.

12. Highlight the field below “IPv4/IPv6 APN” and key in the APN (it depends upon the network provider).

13. Highlight the field below “IPv4/IPv6 Number” and key in *99#

14. Click “Save”.

From now onwards, it will automatically connect to the internet, once the Vodafone R216 will be switched On.


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