Vodafone has launched Huawei R216 and ZTE R216-Z portable WiFi routers. Huawei make R216 modem can be unlocked after changing the firmware, but R216-Z can be only unlocked by factory unlock code if the device is asking for NCK / SIMlock / Unlock code after changing the SIM card.

Features and Specs of Vodafone R216-Z ZTE

Vodafone R216z mobile Wi-Fi router creates a personal portable Wi-Fi network to use it to share your secure mobile broadband internet connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It measures 104 x 64.5 x 14.5mm and weight is 106g. It can be purchased in the contract in Black or white color. It has a LED and built with Qualcomm MDM 9225 processor.

The device carries 512 MB flash memory and a microSD up to 32GB support. It has a 2300 mAh battery. It supports LTE / UMTS / GSM networks. It can provide download speed up to 150Mbps and upload speed limit is 50Mbps.

How to Unlock Vodafone R216-Z ZTE MiFi WiFi Router?

1. Switch off the ZTE R216-Z router.

2. Change the default SIM card of R216z with any other network provider.

3. Switch on the router.

4. Connect to PC using USB cable or WiFi.

5. Open My Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM.

6. Install in required drivers in PC.

7. Now it will open the default web page of the device (

8. Log in to the device with admin/password.

9. It should redirect you to the unlocking page.

If not, then go to Settings >> APN.

10. Enter the 16-digits/character unlock code and press Enter from the keyboard.

11. Once the device will accept the code, it will start showing the signal of inserted SIM card.

12. Now create a new profile and connect to the internet.

Note: Some devices does not prompt for SIMlock code in Settings >> APN. For those who are unable to search option for NCK / SIMlock code. Browse the default page of R216-Z in Chrome. Go to Settings >> APN. Right-click and select Inspect. Some codings will be opened.

Search for Unlock. You will get “display: none” in three places. Replace it with “display: yes”. Now you will see an option to enter the code.

Note II: Factory unlock code of Vodafone ZTE R216-Z is not free. We can provide the factory unlock code of ZTE device in 6USD. Only pay, if the device is asking for SIMlock / NCK as described above. Correct code will be emailed within 8 hrs.



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