In Windows 10, default scroll value for the Mouse wheel is automatically set to 3. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the mouse scrolling to make things easier for you, you should read this post.

How to change Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10 PC?

1. Click on Start and select Settings.

settings-app2. Under setting click on Devices.


3. From the left pane, click on Mouse & Touchpad.

Or you can simply type Mouse in search of Settings to access Mouse properties.

mouse-and-touchpadYou should see a slider, which is used to set how many lines the scroll wheel should skip at a time for every scroll. Simply hold and drag the slider to the number you want.

sliderAs above said, by default, the value of the slider is already set at ‘3’. If required, you can fine tune it to any sensitivity between 1 – 100. You can also enter a value of your choice for your scroll wheel’s sensitivity, to do this open up the link at the bottom of the page “Additional mouse options”.

additional-mouse-optionsWhen the mouse properties windows open up, click the Wheel tab.

mouse-wheelHere you can change the mouse sensitivity by putting any value from 1-100, either for Vertical Scrolling or Horizontal Scrolling or both.

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