In Saudi Arabia, you can find Zain locked Huawei E5577s-321 router, while in Bahrain, Viva has launched the same modem. It has also algorithm V4 and carries hardware version CL1E5573SM02, firmware & Web UI Today, we have successfully unlocked this device.

Before proceeding with steps, download the following required files:

  1. Firmware Update Huawei E5577s-321
  2. Latest Huawei Mobile Partner
  3. Universal Master Code Tool to generate firmware code or you can also leave a comment
  4. Latest DC unlocker app

How to unlock Huawei E5577s-321 Viva mobile WiFi router?

1. Change the SIM card and switch on your E5577 modem.

2. Connect to Windows PC with USB cable and install the drivers.

3. Now, install the latest Huawei mobile partner.

4. Generate firmware code according to your IMEI using universal master code tool or leave a comment.

5. Now, run the firmware update E5577s-321

6. It will put your device in download mode and detect your device.

7. It will ask you for the password, input the firmware code which you have already generated or got through comment.

8. Wait till firmware finish the wizard.

9. Now run DC unlocker.

10. Detect the Viva E5577s-321 router under it.

11. Copy and paste the following command at the end of the result of dc unlocker:


12. Press Enter from the keyboard.

13. It will generate some NV codes in hash format.

14. Copy all the details and same time pay 6 USD . Once paid, I will ask you about hash code through email. NCK / unlock code will be generated accordingly for your Viva E5577s-321 device and will be emailed back.

Your device will be unstable. I will fix the rest remotely.


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