Earlier UNE Colombia has launched un-customized Huawei E5172 router, which was unlockable using SIMLock code. Now, the firm has customized the device and there is no option to enter the code. Means, unlocking is not possible, without flashing the device.

How to change the firmware of Huawei E5172s-515 (Colombia UNE)?

  1. Download uncustomized firmware of E5172s-515 router.

2. Reset the device.

3. Connect to PC with LAN cable.

4. Assign a static IP address to the router.

5. Unzip the downloaded file using WinRAR.

6. Run E5172 upgrade tool.

7. Click on refresh to refresh the network card list, and then select the network card whose IP address is (or whatever you have assigned).

8. Click Open.

9. Select the upgrade file is displayed. Select the upgrade package E5172*.bin, and then click Open.

10. Click Start to start sending multicast packets.

11. After the successful upgrade is complete, all the five signal indicators will be ON on the router.

12. Click Stop to stop sending multicast packets.

8. Close the E5172 firmware upgrade multicast tool.

10. Power off the HUB and enjoy the E5172 CPE router.

Now you can easily unlock your Huawei E5172s-515 router with correct unlock code.

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