At the look of things, working on a computer looks like a simple task to many, just like the way you wake up and brush your teeth and that’s it. However, that’s not the case, working on a computer requires necessary planning which is to safeguard against many risks associated with the whole thing behind the gadget.

Setting Up Your Working Area

A well set working area for your computer or laptop makes the environment bearable and easy to concentrate without any disturbance. Apart from the quiet environment, the most important thing is having a comfortable and workable computer area.


So, before you operate behind the computer, there are few things you will need to deal with:

  • Look for a table or a bench that is long enough to fit your computer / laptop and where you can comfortably lay your arms without much straining.
  • The table to place your computer should not be metallic but if so, make sure you spread clothing or a mat on top.
  • Let your room have a limited lighting and if that is impossible due to window size, then curtain can cover to avoid too much lighting a transparent one allowing just enough light.
    That room should be clean, not damp, and with a preferred temperature to house a computer.
  • Pay attention to is carpeting, not a bad idea having a carpet to relax your feet probably, but carpeted room cause a lot of static as you move around the room.
  • Power cables should be well fitted and at close range to machine making sure they do not interfere with your movement.
  • Setting up of your machine should adhere to the manufacturer’s requirements, so read the manual keenly.

Safety Measures of your Computer

Back-up: Safety of your computer and your work is the first thing that should be given priority. It is dreading to imagine one day waking up and find all your hard work got lost in thin air. Always back up your work as you do not know the time of calamity, and when it may strike. Nowadays you can back up your work on cloud and therefore don’t have to worry about fire, theft, and mechanical breakdown.

Power: In a case of power outage, it is advisable to arm yourself with Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS).


Computer precautions are of essence to your usage and taking care of your gadget by ensuring it operates accordingly is part of maintenance. That secures your computer to serve you for long, and provide you with quality functionalities.