If you are planning to buy a computer, choosing between the laptop and desktop can be really confusing. You need to consider a number of criteria for determining which should fit your needs perfectly. While modern laptops are known to be capable machines, going for laptops cannot be automated choices. While many people are better off with laptops, some people prefer to purchase the desktop. As you plan to purchase a desktop, you can get the entire ready-made system or choose the specs in accordance with your choice and assemble the same.


If you are looking forward to choosing between a laptop and a computer, here are some points that may help you out in choosing the right system:


Every system is recognized to be compromised between power and portability. You will notice that desktops and biggest laptops are having the most alluring internal specs. If you need a system you can carry with you without any hassles, a laptop should be the obvious choice. If you want to move a light, you ca go for the MacBooks since they are thin and highly portable. Computers are certainly not the machines you can carry on the train and start working immediately. Desktops show a considerable improvement in cloud services and internet speeds which indicate that you can get your work from the office and accomplish the same without any hassles at home. However, if portability is something you are looking for, the laptop is the best choice beyond doubt.

Power and price

The better and powerful components require a prerequisite room inside the system of your choice. These components also require additional space for avoiding overheating. By the time laptops start getting to get performance level of desktops, they will be unwieldy and render a lot of noise and heat. If better performance is what you prefer, you should go for a desktop beyond doubt. For the similar price, a desktop is capable of beating a laptop in every spectrum including expansive ports, local storage space, memory, graphics power, processor, etc. Laptop components at the similar level burn a huge hole in your pocket. Since they are smaller, it requires more money to manufacture them. However, only video editors and gamers require systems with the most advanced settings.

Size of screen

As mentioned earlier, laptops are the best options when it comes to portability. So the screen size is comparatively lesser than the desktop monitors. Most of the laptops come around 11″-15″. However, they can also be available with a screen size of 17 inches. If you are looking for a system with a large screen size of 17inch or more, you can purchase desktops. If you require space for comparing windows or applications side by side or you want to watch movies and need a monitor with larger screen size, desktops should be the right choice.


Flexibility is another factor you should prefer while choosing between desktops and laptops. There is additional space inside desktop for processors and memory. You can also assemble and build your own desktop from scratch if you have certain technical knowledge. Owing to the heat consideration and space, a laptop is known to be a finely tuned machine. So, there are reduced choice for internal components. It is much more difficult to repair and upgrade a laptop for similar reasons. Though a number of users do not prefer to repairability and reconfigurability, you should keep this in mind while purchasing a computer.


Though it is at the bottom of the priority list, you should emphasize importance on it while choosing a computer for yourself. As per the experts, it is fundamental that the screen should be at the eye level while using the computers. This may prevent a number of diseases including spondylitis, chronic neck pain, aching in back and shoulders etc. Hence, it is better to purchase a desktop. Most users of laptop bend their neck while using computers in an unnatural way which may lead to severe back pain. Thus, it is better to use a desktop for keeping the posture healthy. You can use a separate monitor along with desktop to maintain the right posture. Thus, desktops are counted to be healthier at the same time.


Repairing a laptop happens to be full of hassles as it requires opening the different parts. Sometimes, it is also hard to find the replacement parts as it needs finding the computer manufacturers or ordering them online. On the other hand, it is much easy to repair the desktop. Most of the hardware parts of the computer can easily be availed on local computers and retail store.

If portability is not an issue and you are looking forward to a system at the reduced cut off from the pocket, a desktop should be your choice. They are recognized to be an optimal choice for CAD applications, intensive graphic gaming and those who prefer to upgrade more often.