A review can be defined as an evaluation of any form of publication, service or organization. A review can be of several items such as a movie review, a video game review, the review of a novel or literature, reviews of home appliances, gadgets, electronic goods, music album review, review of a concert and much more. Apart from the critical analysis or evaluation of the work, ratings are also assigned by the reviewer which indicates its merit. Reviews can be done for current trends, events, and news items.

Types of reviews

In order to know what a review is, it is essential to know about the types of reviews there are or what are the subjects which are generally reviewed. They are as follows:

Book review

A book review is a form of criticism where a book is thoroughly analyzed on the basis of its content, merit, and style. Many book reviews are based on the reviewer’s personal taste, likes, and dislikes. Other books reviews contain plot summaries of a book and the pros and cons are not pointed out.

Music review

There are several forms of reviews related to music. Musical performance reviews talk about a certain performance, its crowd count, the songs played by the artist and facts related to that specific event. There may be subjective comments and technical comments in such a review. Reviews of records and albums are a common form of music review. Here, an album is analyzed and facts include the names of the song, how the album sounds overall and other facts related to the content of the musical album. Reviews play a key for an artist’s success as good reviews lead to more supporters and fans.

Motion picture, television and video review

This form of review invokes film criticism and analyzing the merits or demerits of a motion picture or film. A journalism film criticism approach is used in this form of review. Nowadays, television series, shows, and videos are also reviewed.

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How to Write a Review?

There are several aspects and things you must keep in mind before writing any form of review.

Decide what to focus on

The first step you need to follow is to decide upon the aspects of an item which you will evaluate in the review. You have to figure out the things which can be good or bad regarding the subject. In case of movie reviews, you can focus on the acting, the special effects, the story, the background scores among many others. By analyzing these aspects, you will be able to decide how good or bad the subject is. For a book review, you can focus on the plot, the different characters, and the style of writing by the author. Similarly, for restaurant reviews, you should point out the quality of the food, write about some specific food items or about the service provided. All things have some kind of quality which you have to figure out in order to write a great review.

Decide what aspects make a thing good or bad

You must figure out what you exactly mean by the terms good and bad before applying it to your analysis. You have to identify whether you like a story with great action or a dramatic, sensitive story. You may like realistic stories more than bizarre ones and may prefer simple words over a complicated writing style in the case of books. You have to apply your own perception on the review.

A Basic Format

For putting your review together, you should use a basic format for making your work look professional and attractive. Here are the steps you should follow:

• Start your introduction paragraph with something attractive for the reader. You should identify the title of your subject and mention the author, director, cast etc.

• You should write a full paragraph on all the different aspects you want to analyze. The opening sentence of a paragraph should give an idea about the subject of the paragraph. Details must be provided for proving your point. You can use quotes from a book or quote the dialogues of a movie in the case of book and movie reviews.

• The review should end with a concluding paragraph which restates the main matter of your review. The conclusion should have a judgment such as a book or a film is good or bad. If you find a book or a film to be appealing, you should directly ask the readers to read the book or watch the movie.

A review is very important as it decides the fate of a book, film or item. A good review makes a thing popular and people show interest in it. In case of negative reviews, a company or film or book may lose the audience.

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