The managing director and chairman ‘Mukesh Ambani’ has officially launched Reliance’s new Reliance Jio 4G on 1st September 2016 at the Annual General meeting. The several months of gossip and rumors have finally ended as the Jio 4G VoLTE facility launched in India. The troop of expert has tested their new network in various regions since December last year. Their offers are attractive enough for the customers.

Here are the ‘must know things’ you should be aware of the new 4G Reliance Jio:

Unlimited SMS

Most of the plans have scheme of unlimited message. There will not be any blackout days, as it gives freedom to use festivals and holidays like Diwali, New Year, Friendship day, etc. Charges will not be levied on such special days, as the customers will still be able to send Unlimited SMS.

Voice calls now free

Reliance will hereafter not charge for Voice calls and remove roaming charges throughout the country.

Ease in Activation and Verification

It takes not more than 15 minutes for the user to activate or verify on this network Adhaar card is requirement to take. As of now, Mumbai and Delhi are the cities that enjoy these services.

Student Concessions

Students can avail a discount of 25% on all the Tariff plans of Reliance Jio 4G. Only valid and current IDs will be needed for a student to avail this offer.

Cheap LYF smartphones

A brand of Reliance, “LYF” offers quite cheap rates in smartphones that support 4G VoLTE. LYF Flame 3, LYF Flame 4, LYF flame 5 and LYF Flame 6 support Jio 4G VoLTE. Here is the complete list of the supporting smartphones.

4G, 3G and 2G Jio-Fi Router

The price you need to pay for this device is Rs. 1999. You will also get the initial preview offer. Users of this personal device can make use of extremely reasonable 4G services along with 2G, 3G. You will not need to purchase an LYF Smartphone in this case.

Huge Network

The Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE is very capable of supporting augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps. This network has managed to include 18,000 cities and has successfully reached across more than 200,000 villages. Reliance aims to provide it’s services to almost 90% of the country’s population.

Super Sonic Speed Broadband

Reliance will begin its FTTH (Fiber to the home) services across the first 100 cities as soon as possible. This service will offer the amazing 1GBps supersonic speed Broadband in those selected cities. Reliance is looking forward to providing this service throughout the country at the end of this year.

High-end Broadband for enterprises

Reliance has been able to collaborate with various technology companies to bring cheaper international roaming tariffs along with concierge services and access to the content, which is worldwide. Shortly, this will help reveal important information about the enterprises shortly.

A Million WIFI Hotspots

Reliance will be able to establish a million WIFI hotspots by May 2017 successfully. The data plans of Jio 4G will be available, with Jio Net WIFI hotspot which will make it possible for the users to use this network across the whole country.

Welcome offer

Those customers who avail this offer starting from 5 September can easily take advantage of free SMS, Data, and Voice calls till 31 December this year. This welcome offer also includes various bundled apps.

Tariff plans

Jio Tariff

The above are the tariff plans offered by Reliance’s Jio, which will start, from the January of 2017. According to the firm, the lowest pack will be of Rs. 149 for 28 days validity, in which users will get 0.3GB data, 100 national SMS and unlimited free voice calls. If you will invest Rs. 499 then you will get 4GB data during day time and unlimited 4G data at Night, you can also avail 8GB data through JioNet.

Reliance has come up with a great deal of offers, which has made other service providers or competitors nervous. Airtel has had to reduce its tariff rates due to this strong comeback.
This new idea can help Reliance to get back in action and lead in the network race. The giant company has predicted huge amount profits in the coming years and will keep coming up with various schemes.