iPhone 7 has been the most awaited smartphone for months and now it has been launched. Now the question is whether it was worth the weight? After a stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy 7 users, iPhone 7 has also grabbed the attention of people using iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s looks similar to iPhone 7 has sports flagship power. Here are the improvements that have been noticed in iPhone 7 owing to which it is recommended to purchase this smartphone:



iPhone 7 have a similar look like iPhone 6s which was launched last year. However, the new smartphone has been liked by people for its mirror and glossy design instead of the matte metal of the last launch. The Jet Back Color of the phone looks cool and appears richer than other phones. The other variety of options that can be availed for iPhone 7 includes silver, gold and rose gold. Redesigns of the home button is another feature of this smartphone. This has played an integral role in adding Force-sensitive like in the Force Touch trackpads. The phone also includes the Tactic Engine haptic feedback system identical to the Apple Watch. The 3.5mm headphone jack is another extensive feature that has been added in iPhone 7. Apple is offering EarPods along with the lightning connection and free adaptor. iOS 10 and its optimization is yet another good reason for buying this smartphone. The iOS 10 happens to be a close integration with hardware, another cause of using this phone. The company is renowned for the right software and hardware combination. The dual camera settings and 3D touch are much advanced in iPhone 7 in comparison to the previous sets.

Enhanced battery performance

iPhone 7 has a better battery life in comparison to other iPhones. It is claimed that the battery life of iPhone 7 will last two hours more than that of iPhone 6S. The efficient processor contributes to the better life of this phone. While iPhone 6S requires charge after 24 to 36 hours, it is believed that iPhone 7 can go for 48hours without charging.

Better processor performance

The iPhone 7 has the new A10 Fusion processor which happens to be 40 percent faster than the A9. It also comes with new graphics processing chip which is 50 percent faster than A9. The A10 Fusion’s CPU consists of four cores. Two of them are known for efficient performance which runs faster twice than iPhone 6. Two of them, on the other hand, are highly efficient which are able to run at one-fifth the power of cores with higher performance. The graphics also have an enhanced performance. It runs up to three times faster than that of iPhone 6. Thus it enables professional apps and advanced level of games at much ease.

Advanced cameras


Advanced cameras are among the extensive features owing to which iPhone 7 is highly recommended. The new set of iPhone 7 plus comes with a new dual camera system along with dual 12MP sensors. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, has a 12 MP camera. Both the sets have been recognized for featuring optical image stabilization along with larger f/1.8 aperture. The 6-elements lens in the phone assists in capturing brighter photos and videos. Optical zoom is another feature of this iPhone 7 Plus which is almost 10times better than that of digital optical zoom. The phone also consists of Quad LED which indicates 4 LEDS. Thus, the photos are 50 percent brighter than those captured by iPhone 6s. RAW photography is another highlight of this new smartphone from Apple.

Resistant to water and dust

The iPhone 7 is known to be resistant to dust and water. This contributes to being one of the most awaited features of the phone. You can submerge the phone under 1m water for a duration of 30minutes.

Higher storage

The iPhone 6s has 16 GB and 64 GB units. However, the new iPhone 7 has come up with varieties of 32GB, 256 GB, and 128 GB. Thus, the phone has double storage than that of iPhone 6s. This means that the phone has store twice than that of the previous model. The new phone has a price similar to the previous one. This indicates that a phone with the double store can be availed at a price similar to iPhone 6s.

With several extensive features, iPhone 7 is undoubtedly an improved version of iPhone 6S in a wide number of ways. The iPhone 7 has a better design, improved battery life. The phone also has an improved camera which lets you take photos and videos of better resolution. Waterproofing and resistance to dust are other features people have been longing before and has been accomplished in iPhone 7. Thus, it can be said that if you are planning to purchase iPhone 7, it will definitely be a good choice.

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