Advertising is useful and plays a vital role in our world, especially in market economy advertising is extremely important. The aim of the advertising is to persuade consumers to buy some products. Without advertising sales would be poor and consumers not interested in products.

In this post, we will not cover why Advertisement are necessary for life, instead, we will cover the topic, why you should disable the Ads?


Here are few reasons for which a user should disable the ads:

Ads are annoying and intrusive

People get irritated by pop-ups while they are trying to find or watching something. It is difficult to deal with these intrusive and annoying advertisement and pop-ups. They happen to be a restriction in the way of viewing content or videos. Hence, it is a prerequisite to block these ads to enjoy an uninterrupted browsing and find the prerequisite things you are looking fo in no time.

Ads are disruptive

Users experience frustration while viewing videos as ads come in between. The online browsers have asked for help for stopping auto playing of videos ads. Sometimes, the ads start before video loads. Apart from being annoying, these ads also consume a lot of our time. They are so disliked that people often disable the ads for avoiding them. These ads may cause an interruption in the browsing experience of a user. The unwanted sound and video are highly disliked by users.

Ads may lead to security concerns

A number of websites go for hosting third party advertisements which are distributed by ad publishers. Thus, it is almost impossible for the website to restrict the unwanted ads. These websites also do not ensure the security. This disconnection between the advertising publisher and host of the website has to lead a number of technically savvy users to block the ads. The malware and other infections may get inside the system via the ads. Security is a major issue that these ads pose a threat to. Thus, it is imperative for users to block the ads.

Ads affect loading time

It is really annoying to wait for a long time for a page to load. While we expect a specific page to load in less than two seconds, ads delay the loading of a page by 7-8 seconds. For some websites, the ads are three times more than the editorial content of the page. The heaviness of advertisement is also annoying for mobile users. It leads to wide consumption of internet data. Thus, it is a prerequisite to disable the ads.

Consume a lot of time

Imagine you are searching for something urgently and an ad pops up !! The ads become more annoying when you are looking for something specific and the ads delay the loading of the page. This may lead to consuming a lot of your precious time. Thus, it is essential to disable the ads to save your precious time.


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