If you are already using Vodafone Mobile Broadband software for Windows 10.3.210 / Mac / Linux, then you know the benefits of this program. This software is officially designed by Vodafone to help his users.

Recently, Vodafone has updated its software and you can download version 10.3.415.51200 RC1 for Windows PC and for Mac.

According to the official website, in Mac software, the company has added support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan, various bug fixes and operator configuration changes.

Major Changes in PC Version 10.3.415:

  1. Full SKUs also support QuickStart devices
  2. Vodafone Call Manager removed
  3. Support for Vodafone K4606, Vodafone K5008-Z and Vodafone K3773
  4. General bug fixes and Operator configuration updates

Vodafone Connection Manager NewThe Vodafone Mobile Broadband 10.3.415.51200 RC1 is developed to support Windows 7
32- and 64-bit editions (Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate), Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit editions (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate), Windows XP 32-bit editions (Home, Professional and Tablet). However, it also works fine with Windows 10.

Supported modems are :

  1. Vodafone K3565-Z
  2. Vodafone K3570-Z
  3. Vodafone K3571-Z
  4. Vodafone K3765
  5. Vodafone K3765-Z
  6. Vodafone K3770
  7. Vodafone K3770-Z
  8. Vodafone K3771
  9. Vodafone K3772
  10. Vodafone K3772-Z
  11. Vodafone K3805-Z
  12. Vodafone K3806
  13. Vodafone K3806-Z
  14. Vodafone K4505
  15. Vodafone K4505-Z
  16. Vodafone K4510
  17. Vodafone K4510-Z
  18. Vodafone K4511
  19. Vodafone K4605
  20. Vodafone K5005
  21. Vodafone K5006-Z
  22. Vodafone K3773
  23. Vodafone K4201
  24. Vodafone K4201-Z
  25. Vodafone K4203
  26. Vodafone K4305
  27. Vodafone K4606
  28. Vodafone K5150
  29. Vodafone K5008-Z

Download Vodafone Mobile Broadband (Mac)

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software v10.3.415.51200-RC1 (Windows)


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