When you try to change the firmware of any Huawei device, sometimes it gets succeeds, but sometimes it gives you different types of code errors. In this post, we have described some of the known errors which may help you in troubleshooting.

Here is a list of Huawei error codes and his details

Huawei E5351

Error code Description
Error: 0 Success
Error: 1 Cancel
Error: 10 Can’t find the port.
Error: 11 Open port failed
Error: 12 Query version failed
Error: 13 Authentication failed
Error: 14 User information backup failed.
Error: 16 Failed to switch the download mode
Error: 17 A different board class cannot update
Error: 18 Verification of the .bin file failed.
Error: 19 Download failed
Error: 20 Failed to restart the board
Error: 21 Failed to restore user information
Error: 22 Query version failed after download the update file.
Error: 23 SPC verify failed
Error: 24 Version verify failed
Error: 25 The driver cannot support
Error: 26 Close port failed
Error: 27 Switch to diag mode failed.
Error: 28 Handshake failed
Error: 29 Another update wizard is running.
Error: 255 Unknown error



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