Like various other models of Huawei modems, E 173 U-2 Nigeria of 86 series IMEI Modem can be unlocked with the help of firmware and unlock code. Airtel Huawei E173U-2 comes with 86 series IMEI and its firmware version is and compile date is 28 May 2011 and also Hardware Version is CD1E153M. Huawei E173U-2 modem dashboard version is UTPS21. and another Dashboard version : UTPS21. If you are an owner of Airtel Huawei E173U-2 with the firmware version of or then why not you unlock it to use any other network provider sim.
Step by step guide to unlock Airtel Huawei E173U-2 modem free :
  1. First download the required software from the link which is provided the end of the article.
  2. Now run the Universal Modem Unlocker software
  3. Put your IMEI in Huawei tab and note down the flash code for your modem.
  4. Now disconnect the internet and close the dashboard / connection manager / software of the modem.
  5. Now run the firmware and put flash code as password when firmware asks.
  6. Now wait till the process gets finished.
  7. After successfully flashed your modem disconnect from computer / laptop and then change the sim.
  8. Now again connect your modem to the computer and let it run the dashboard.
  9. Now its will ask you the unlock code.
  10. Don’t try the unlock code of Universal Modem Unlocker software.
  11. Purchase new Algo unlock code for your modem and put it as unlock code.
  12. Now your modem is fully unlocked forever.

Download Universal Modem Unlocker software
Download firmware

Update : Some modems after updating the firmware does not prompt for unlock code. Those users can use huawei code writer tool.
Note : If above firmware fails the flash the modem then download E173Update to resolve unlock issue_11. use MTN E173 Huawei Firmware Upgrade to upgrade the airtel Nigeria modem firmware. It will should work 100%.


  1. help i cant download firmware E173Update to resolve unlock issue_11.
    (Error 404: SRVE0295E: Error reported: 404)
    i tired the firmware

    bt its not working (cant upgrade)

  2. pls I need the software and process to unlocking my Airtel HUAWEI modem
    Model: E173u-2
    IMEI: 860872017412066
    S/N: ADABYA9380706920

  3. I have tried but it won’t work still. Help a friend out
    Model: E173u-2
    IMEI: 860872017458028
    S/N: ADABYA9380711516
    Thats the correct details thanks

  4. Hello. Thank you for this. Please i need the unlock code for this Airtel modem
    Model: E173u-2
    IMEI: 867749015334877
    S/N: ADABYA92B0516212


  5. Can you pls help me unlock this code
    Found modem : E173
    Model : Huawei E173
    IMEI : 860872017092546
    Serial NR. : ADABYA9351420079
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Apr 23 2013 17:22:37
    Hardware ver. : CD1E153M
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (customized firmware)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)


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