Airtel and Idea both are providing Huawei E5573s-606 and E5573cs-609 in India. Both these devices can be unlocked after changing the firmware. By default E5573s-606 also allows you to change the APN, but E5573cs-609 APN field is not editable. Means after unlocking of the device also, you can not use any other network provider SIM card.

Earlier we had provide a post to create a new profile in E5573s-606 and E5573cs-609 through Smartphone.

Since, we change the branded WebUI of Huawei E5573s-606 and E5573cs-609 MiFi Router to unbranded Huawei WebUI, here you can easily create a new profile according to the new simcard.

How to Add APN in Huawei E5573s-606 and E5573cs-609 MiFi Router?

  1. In any smartphone, enable WiFi.

2. Switch on E5573 with any working SIM card and connect to smartphone with WiFi.

3. From Google Play store install Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi).

4. Open the Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi) app.

5. Click on Settings Icon from right top corner.

6. Select Network.

7. Click APN.

8. Here, you can find the available APN Settings which are already present in your E5573 router.

9. From the bottom corner click on “+New” (Refer above image).

10. Now, you will able to see a Window with APN Settings.

11. Fill the details, as mentioned below:-

Name : routerunlock

APN : jionet

12. Leave other fields blank.

13. Finally click on “Tick Mark”.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully created the profile (Jio in my case) and you are ready to connect to the internet.