It is hardly passing one month when Zte launch its new flagship model in the market known as bezel-less Nubia Z9 smartphone and just after announce update version Nubia Z9 S.

Yesterday, a bunch of tech journalists got invited to the launch of the “Axon Phone,” a mysterious new Android-powered smartphone from a mysterious company that nobody seemed to have ever heard of.

Axon’s super-simplified Android interface pairs full-bleed images with large, elegant type for a high-end look and feel. It also comes with a lightning-fast processor, 4GB memory and a large battery for all-around high performance under the hood.


The Axon Phone is a slab-style, Android-powered smartphone that comes in three colors – Phthalao Blue, Ion Gold and Chromium Silver, features dual-lens camera, 4K Resolution Video, recording and promises Hi-Fi audio playback and recording.

The Axon Phone is worth $450, but it may sell for more or less than that amount. We should know the complete specifications of the smartphone next month. It is running a contest that would let you win a phone and $10,000. The contest rules page reveals that the phone is worth $450.

Source: pcmag

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