Idea carrier of India has recently launched a new Huawei dongle, the E3531 (E3531i-2). It is available in India with two different firmware: Huawei E3531i-2 21.521.31.00.356 and 21.318.27.00.356. Both firmware is unlocked and there is no need to flash.

Idea E3531i is a 3G dongle that offers 21Mbps download speed and 5.76Mbps upload speed. It is a non-hilink data-card, means it can be used with Huawei mobile partner. Once this modem is unlocked, you can use any 3G supported SIM card of any network providers.

Huawei E3531 dongle
Huawei E3531 dongle

How to Unlock Idea Huawei E3531 (E3531i-2) Dongle of India?

1. Change the default SIM card with any network provider.

2. Connect to Windows PC USB port.

3. Let it install the required software and drivers.

4. It will automatically open the Idea-branded mobile partner software and will ask you for SIMlock code.

5. Enter the 8-digit correct unlock code and it will be unlocked forever.

6. Now create a new profile according to the new SIM card and connect to the internet.

Note: Unlock code charge of Idea E3531i  is Rs. 300. If the device is asking for unlock code as mentioned in the post then you can pay at here. Correct code will be emailed within 8 hrs.