Earlier we were providing Huawei’s modem unlock codes and Huawei’s router/gateway/wingle unlock codes. Now, we can provide the factory unlock codes of Huawei phones/smartphone too. ZTE factory unlocking code and LG’s NCK are also supported.

Unlock code charge is 40 USD for per code. After paying for the unlock code, you will get NCK, NSCK, SPCK, and Reset code. The code will be delivered via email within 8 hrs to 2 days, depends on the server load. Kindly don’t publish your device IMEI number, your comment will be deleted.

If a code does not work and you want to refund, then you need to provide video by entering the code. Otherwise, there will be no (R) no refund will be provided. Also, while refunding the money 0.30 USD will be deducted.

Supported lists of phones which unlock codes are available:

  1. Ascend Y320
  2. Ascend Y520
  3. Ascend Y600
  4. Ascend Y220
  5. Ascend Y221
  6. G6006
  7. Ascend G500
  8. G7210
  9. G7720
  10. G6005
  11. G6151
  12. G6620
  13. G6608
  14. Ascend 8836D
  15. Ascend Y321
  16. Ascend Y511
  17. F316
  18. G20
  19. G2800S
  20. G3501
  21. G3501 S.America
  22. G3511
  23. G3512
  24. G3610
  25. G3620
  26. G3621
  27. G3621L
  28. G3622
  29. G5010
  30. G5520
  31. G5521
  32. G5726
  33. G6210
  34. G6605
  35. G6622
  36. G6800
  37. G7002
  38. G7220
  39. G7510
  40. G7600
  41. Panama
  42. S7-931U
  43. s7-932U
  44. U2805
  45. U5130-05
  46. VM720

Note: New models unlock code charge may be up to 40USD, so please confirm before paying. You will get all level factory unlock code with reset keys. There will no (R) no refund will be provided for mistakes. Only refund will be available for not found services.


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