Airtel India had launched a 4G dongle, that is know as Huawei E3272s-927, which is sub-model of E3272. It is available in with two firmware versions : 21.470.05.02.284 and 21.436.33.00.284. Both firmware version devices can be unlocked easily, but by firmware change method. When you will try tradition method to unlock Airtel E3272 dongle, means change the simcard and connect to PC, it will not prompt to enter the unlock code. It comes with customized firmware and there is 0 attempt left to enter the unlock code. Since, there is no attempts to enter the code, you can not unlock it by code.

Now, after traditional method, firmware change method comes. When you will replace the original firmware with un-customized firmware, then you can unlock any modem / router by code. But, you should always note that, all firmware are not suitable with every dongle. If you will run untested firmware, your modem may be bricked and you will loose your dongle.

Our team has tested both the firmware with un-customized firmware and got the success in unlocking. Means, now you can unlock it without any fear.

How to Unlock Airtel’s Huawei E3272 (E3272s-927) Dongle with Firmware 21.470.05.02.284 and 21.436.33.00.284?

1. Download the unlocked firmware of Huawei E3272 (suitable for 21.470.05.02.284 and 21.436.33.00.284) (Due to security reason, link will be shared with paid users only.  Charge is Rs 400 for single dongle, and Rs 3000 for unlimited use).

2. Also download unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner, because Airtel has locked the dashboard too. Means, after unlock also, you will be unable to use your modem with another network provider simcard without changing the dashboard.

3. Now, connect your dongle to PC.

4. Close the Airtel software, which will automatically run after connecting to PC.

5. Run the downloaded firmware.

6. It will ask for password, which will be provided to paid users only.

7. Let the firmware update finish.

8. Now, run the unbranded Huawei mobile partner, which you have downloaded in step 1.

9. Let the dashboard update finish.

10. Now change the simcard (if not already changed) and connect to PC again.

11. It will prompt for unlock code.

12. Enter the unlock code which is provided by us.

13. Now your Airtel’s Huawei E3272 will be unlocked permanently to use with all simcards.

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