You may already know the incorrect firmware can brick the device. Today, we will talk about Huawei E5775s-925, which is available in Saudi Arabia in unlocked format and is sold by Jarir Bookstore. The device comes with firmware version and webui

Huawei E5775 Jarir Saudi ArabiaTried to update the device with firmware E5775s-925_21., it got successfully updated, but after restarting the device, instead of Huawei logo , it was showing FTM logo and stopped working the WiFi. The device was bricked and unusable, but its COM port was working fine.

FTM - E5775To recover the Huawei E5775, we ran new firmware version, and now device started working normally.

You can also refer repairing of Huawei E5372 router. If you have V4 new Huawei devices, and while updating the firmware it is asking for datalock code, then you can bypass it by referring this post.


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