I have shared various firmware, especially for newly launched V4 Huawei devices. Various firmware does not allow to upgrade the device as it asks for “datalock” code, instead of firmware code. Now, the big problem is that without flashing the firmware we cannot generate the data-lock code , and without flashing the firmware, unlocking is also not possible.

After doing some experiment, I got the solution. Basically, these are used to repair the half-dead V4 devices. If the device is bricked, but its COM port is working, then you can repair also. You have to use a command to put the modem / router in download mode, and after that, you can push any compatible firmware in the device.

Below mentioned process will bypass firmware code / data lock code screen.

How to bypass data lock / firmware / password screen in Huawei firmware update?

  1. Connect router / modem to PC with its USB cable.

2. Check device com port is available in computer management.

Note I: If the device is hi-link, then run DC unlocker as Administrator and detect dongle / MiFi in it. It will switch device COM port.

Note II: For drivers install the latest Huawei mobile partner in PC.

3. Detect your device under DC unlocker software.

4. At the end of the results paste the following command:


5. Now, press enter from the keyboard.

6. Now, the device will start blinking, means it is now in download mode.

Now you are free to update / downgrade the device with any compatible firmware.


  1. It shows Error 15 firmware doesnt install
    I have a E5577Cs-321
    When i connect to my computer
    Dc Unlocker says unlocked
    But you need to change firmware

  2. Do you mean if i change the firmware of router There is no solution ????

    Are there other solutions?????

    Thank you very much to respond and help

  3. bonsoir j’aimerai avoir ledatalock code de mon modem !

    Found modem : E5573s-856
    Model : Huawei AuthVer 4 modem (New)
    IMEI : 866837022400277
    Serial NR. : TBCDW15B23001583
    Firmware :
    Dashboard version : WEBUI_17.
    Web UI version : WEBUI_17.
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)


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