Microsoft is gearing up to make its presence felt in the world cell phone market with the launch of high-end Windows 10 Mobile. We have seen numerous reports of 2K Windows 10 Mobile phones coming at the end of the year, after numerous rumors of Windows 10’s first quad-HD smartphone, we now have evidence to confirm such a device is in testing. AdDuplex has confirmed that a device with a quad-HD, 1440 x 2560 resolution is in the works.

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The new ‘Microsoft RM-1100’ was picked up on AdDuplex’s ad network a few days back.Data collected from their ad network on the 23/6/2015 shows that the Microsoft RM-1100 will have a 2K 1440×2560 screen, unfortunately of unknown dimension.

The handsets having a code name Lumia Cityman and Lumia Talkman both are high-end handsets running the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile and quite having some interesting features like both the handset comes with an iris scanner.

Lumia Cityman and Talkman will come with aluminiun frames around the body and a plastic (polycarbonate) back. The Lumia 940 XL is rumoured to have a 5.7 inch screen with 2K resolution and a Octacore processor.

Aside from the heavy processor and super-sharp display, the Lumia 940 XL may also bundle a stylus of some description. There could also be a 25-megapixel rear-facing PureView shooter with 4K video, and whatever happens with the rest of the device, you can bank on the camera being a top-notch affair.

Interestingly the info also reveals the Microsoft RM-1104 will have a 5.2 inch 1080P screen, which suggests the Lumia 940 will indeed be a significantly lesser device than the Lumia 940 XL 5.7 inch phablet.

With the Lumia 940 XL set to have the better processor, better screen and also goodies such as an Iris scanner and pen, it seems clear that there is only one real flagship, and that it is a phablet.

Source: wmpoweruser

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