In the starting of this month, the news comes from Microsoft about their two upcoming cell phones of Lumia series. It is expecting that the models become flagship for Lumia series. The two Smartphone are Microsoft Lumia 940XL and Lumia 940XL.

The handsets having a code name Lumia Cityman and Lumia Talkman both are high-end handsets running the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile and quite having some interesting features like both the handset comes with an iris scanner. Vivo‘s X5 the latest Smartphone by Vivo launched in the market with iris scanner likes by audience heartily, the same is expecting by the company from their upcoming sets. If we talk about its body part its look like inspired from Lumia 830. Lumia Cityman and Talkman will come with aluminiun frames around the body and a plastic (polycarbonate) back.

Will an iris scanner be able to turn around the fortunes at Microsoft? One more thing there is no official announcement by the company about their two model regarding their features, price or about arriving date in market. So what we do from our side is just update you with latest information about the sets, keep regularly visit to the site.

Source: phonesreview