Meteor carrier of Ireland is now selling the Huawei E5372, which comes with unlocked firmware v

Huawei E5372 Meteor IrelandMeteor Huawei E5372 comes with contract :

Device price Monthly cost Type Contract length Internet included
€ 49.00 €19.99 /month 3G & 4G 6 months 20GB
FREE €23.99 /month 3G & 4G 6 months 30GB

Meteor E5372 mobile WiFi hotspot router can connect up to 5 consecutive users over WiFi. It provides 10 x faster than 3G. It has also a microSD card slot, that can be upgraded with up to 32GB of microSD card.

The company says “We’re delighted to be the 1st mobile operator to roll out a superfast 4G network in Ireland.”

Today, I have unlocked this device using correct NCK / unlock code. Don’t try to use any free unlock code in  Meteor E5372. Pay only 6 USD in PayPal and mention model with IMEI in the transaction. Correct unlock code will be emailed you withing 8 hrs.

You can easily unlock E5372 to use with another network provider SIM card.


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