Meteor carrier of Ireland is now selling the Huawei E5372, which comes with unlocked firmware v

Huawei E5372 Meteor IrelandMeteor Huawei E5372 comes with contract :

Device price Monthly cost Type Contract length Internet included
€ 49.00 €19.99 /month 3G & 4G 6 months 20GB
FREE €23.99 /month 3G & 4G 6 months 30GB

Meteor E5372 mobile WiFi hotspot router can connect up to 5 consecutive users over WiFi. It provides 10 x faster than 3G. It has also a microSD card slot, that can be upgraded with up to 32GB of microSD card.

The company says “We’re delighted to be the 1st mobile operator to roll out a superfast 4G network in Ireland.”

Today, I have unlocked this device using correct NCK / unlock code. Don’t try to use any free unlock code in Meteor E5372.

Order SIMLock Code of Huawei E5372

You can easily unlock E5372 to use with another network provider SIM card.

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