Meteor Ireland is offering Huawei 4G E5377 Hotspot with contract :

Device price Monthly cost Type Contract length Internet included
€ 29.00 €19.99 /month 3G 6 months 20GB
€ 29.00 €23.99 /month 3G 6 months 30GB

Huawei 4G E5377 Hotspot of Meteor Ireland

Notably, E5377 mobile WiFi router is a 4G LTE device, but Meteor is not offering 4G data in contract. One the device is fully charged, it can provide maximum working time up to 6 hours in its WiFi mode to 11 simultaneous users/devices. It features a 1.45” TFT LCD display.

Since, E5377  is available through Meteor Ireland carrier, so you can not use it with another network provider SIM without unlocking it.

For unlock code instruction and charges refer “How to Unlock Huawei E5377 Mobile WiFi Router to use Another Network SIM ?”

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