According to once-prolific Twitter source Evan Blass (evleaks), HTC will introduce an “Aero” model in the fourth quarter of the year.
With this it seems that HTC, after roughly two years of nearly identical smartphone designs, could be ready to start a new. More specifically, HTC may be set to launch a new line of devices.

It’s worth noting that Aero is simply a code name or placeholder for the device. Unfortunately, that is about the extent of the information for now. There are no hardware or software details to share just yet.

Htc Aero

Cher Wang, HTC CEO and chairwoman, recently told employees and shareholders that a new “hero product” will launch in the smartphone segment this October. And, although she didn’t drop any hints, it’s possible she was referring to the Aero.

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In terms of specifications the phone will likely boast a cutting-edge processor with 3GB-4GB of RAM. On the camera front we might hope for something that keeps pace with Sony and LG’s efforts.

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The rumored timing of the launch is also noteworthy as this is when Android M picks up a formal consumer-ready release. Could HTC launch a new flagship line with a brand new version of Android?

The final product may feature something different whenever it’s announced. It is all what we have till now. For latest update visit our website as much as possible.

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