Windows use default app to open a document or file. Over a period, we keep installing freeware and the default apps get changed to something else. However, if the extension is not assigned to any default program, then it let you choose the program you want to choose for opening the particular file extension.

Suppose you have installed Adobe Acrobat suite to edit and view PDF file, but later you decide to use a fast and lightweight Foxit PDF reader for opening PDFs.

How to choose default programs to open files in Windows 10 PC?

1. From the taskbar, click on ‘Action Center’ and then open ‘All settings’.

all-settingsOr, click on Start then settings.

settings-app2. Click System.

system3. Under System, from the left pane, click Default Apps.


4. Here, you can assign any program as default to open a particular type of file.

For example, we have clicked on Web Browser and now I can choose from Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

web-browser5. If you want to assign default apps for different types of extensions, then scroll down and click on ‘Choose default apps by file type’.

choose-default-apps-by-file-type6. You can assign or change a specific app for any type of extension.

associate-file-types-with-specifi-appsRead: How to Fix Missing “Open With” Option in Windows 10?


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