Factory unlock code of Vodafone Huawei CarFi is available, which are locked to Portugal. We can provide the correct SIMLock code of Huawei CarFi. Means, if your CarFi is asking for NCK or unlock code after changing the SIM card, then it can be unlocked easily. Once unlocked, you can use Vodafone SIM card as well as other carriers also.

How to Unlock Vodafone Huawei CarFi (Portugal)?

1. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider in Huawei CarFi.

2. Connect to PC with USB cable or WiFi.

Note: If you are connecting to PC with USB cable, then open My Computer >> Virtual-CD ROM and install in PC.

3. Now, open the default webpage of Huawei CarFi (

4. If the device prompt to login, then use admin/admin.

5. Once login, it should redirect to the unlocking page.

6. Enter the correct unlock code of Huawei CarFi which is provided by routerunlock.com.

7. Now, your CarFi will be unlocked permanently.

8. Create a new profile according to the new SIM card and connect to the internet.

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