UAE Etisalat has launched Huawei E372u-8 (E372) dongle that can also be unlocked with the help of new Algo unlock code. As you may earlier know that by default modems can not be used with another network provider SIM. But, after the unlocking you can use any another network provider sim on it without any difficulty.

Huawei E372u-8 modem
Huawei E372u-8 modem

How to Unlock UAE Etisalat Huawei E372u-8 Modem Free?

1. Download Huawei mobile partner from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Disconnect the internet and eject the modem from PC / laptop.

3. Now change the default SIM of your modem with other than Etisalat.

4. Now uninstall Etisalat dongle software from your computer.

5. Install the downloaded latest Huawei mobile partner software in your PC.

6. Now leave running the latest mobile partner software in your PC and connect your UAE Etisalat-Huawei E372u-8 data card.

7. Now your modem should ask you for a password.

8. Now put NCK or unlock code as password and click on OK.

9. Now create a new profile and use the internet with other SIM card.

If above step does not work then download and use Huawei Modem code writer tool to write SIMlock code into your UAE Etisalat Huawei E372u-8 modem.

Note : To use code writer tool, disconnect the internet and close everything which is related to your modem, otherwise code writer software will not work.

Download Mobile Partner Latest Version V23.