Recently Safaricom Kenya has launched the sub-model of Huawei E5573, the E5573cs-322. It comes with the latest firmware version 21.318.03.00.94 (WebUI and 21.323.01.00.94 (WebUI Both firmware version routers can be unlocked easily by our unlocking app. There is no need to open the screws of the device and boot shot.

Our team has modified the firmware of Safaricom Kenya Huawei E5573cs-322 router. Once the default firmware updated with our modified device firmware, it will be unlocked successfully. We are providing the unlocking of Safaricom Kenya locked Huawei E5573cs-322 free of cost, means there is nothing to pay.

This modified firmware of Huawei E5573cs-322 will work with firmware version 21.323.01.00.94 and lower only.

How to Unlock Safaricom Kenya Huawei E5573cs-322 with Firmware 21.323.01.00.94 / 21.318.03.00.94?

1. Download the Safaricom Kenya Huawei E5573cs-322 unlocking app.

2. Run it on your Windows computer.

3. It will generate some hardware ID.

4. Copy and paste it in comment box.

5. Once the correct details received, our team will provide the details of registration name and registration key.

6. Now connect the Safaricom Kenya locked Huawei E5573cs-322 with your computer.

7. It should open the default WebPage of the Safaricom (If not, then remove all another internet devices from PC, open “My Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM and install on PC. If still problem, then reset the device and process again).

8. Once the Safaricom page is successfully opened, install FC Huawei drivers.

9. Run the Safaricom E5573cs-322 unlocking app.

10. Fill the registration name and key.

11. Click Register on the app.

12. It will start flashing the firmware of Huawei E5573cs-322 Safaricom modem.

13. Once successfully firmware flashed, run the DC-Unlocker software.

14. Detect the device under it.

15. At the end of the results, in a new line, paste the following:


16. Press Enter from the keyboard.

17. You will see OK, below the result.

Now your Safaricom Kenya locked Huawei E5573cs-322 is successfully unlocked to use with any network provider router in the world.


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