As you may already know that I keep writing various modem unlocking solution in my blog. Today, I have come the unlocking solutions of K3765 Huawei USB Modem. K3765 Vodafone Huawei USB Dongle unlocking is slightly different than another modem, because it comes with customised firmware and it can be unlocked with only unlock code. Before proceeding to unlock you need to flash it with uncustomised firmware, so that your K3765 Vodafone Huawei USB Modem can accept unlock code.


How to unlock K3765 Vodafone Huawei USB Modem?

1. Make sure that you have sufficient battery backup in your Laptop and there should be no power failure.

2. Now download the firmware update from this link.

3. Unzip the downloaded firmware using winzip or winrar software.

4. Now close the default running software / dashboard / mobile partner of K3765 Vodafone Huawei USB Modem.

5. Now run the firmware Update and just accept Terms And Conditions of firmware upgrade process and click Next button to proceed.

6. Now firmware setup will search for K3765 Huawei USB modem, which needs to update the firmware.

7. After completing the search, it will show every details about your modem which is connected to computer / laptop.

8. Click Next.

9. Now Click on start and it will start the Updation Process.

10. Now it will ask to insert password for updating the device. Here you input the Flash Code generated in the Huawei Code Calculator for your IMEI.

11. Click Next and wait until firmware has been downloaded into your modem.

12. Now, after successful update of the firmware process, click Finish button.

13. Now eject the modem from PC / laptop.

14. Now plug the modem into PC / laptop.

15. After installing the drivers of your modem successfully download latest mobile partner software and update your modem.

16. Now close everything and install latest mobile partner software into your modem.

17. Now eject the modem, change the sim with another network provider sim and plug again to PC.

18. Now install mobile partner in PC and let it launch the software.

19. Now your modem will ask you a password.

20. Insert unlock code into your modem and enjoy the unlocked modem all over the world.

Note : Don’t put any wrong codes into your K3765 Vodafone Huawei USB Modem, otherwise K3765 Vodafone Huawei USB Modem Dongle DataCard will be locked permanently.


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