Soon after the unlocking of H3G Tre Italy E3131S-2 modem, we have got the success in the unlocking of Huawei E353 which was locked to Batelco Bahrain. Unlocking of Batelco E353 HiLink dongle is also possible as it comes with uncustomized firmware and there is no need to flash.

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E353 Huawei modem
E353 Huawei modem

How to unlock Batelco E353 HiLink Bahrain  Huawei Modem?

1. Connect the dongle with default SIM card and let it launch the web page.

2. Now disconnect the internet, eject data card from PC and change the default SIM with another network provider sim (another than Batelco network SIM in Batelco E353 HiLink modem).

3. Now connect the modem to PC or laptop.

4. Now let it launch the software of the modem.

5. It will ask you 8-digit unlock code.

6. Enter the correct code and your device will be unlocked permanently.

7. Now configure the profile according to the new SIM card and enjoy the internet.

Note : Don’t use any free / wrong codes into Batelco E353 Huawei HiLink dongle, otherwise it will be locked permanently. Either purchase from any server or pay via Paypal button (2.38USD) and mention model with IMEI in the transaction. Correct code will be emailed you.