We have recently seen the factory resetting of SoftBank 303ZT and SoftBank 501HW router. SoftBank 301HW, which is a Huawei make modem, can also RESET. There is a button available on the Huawei 301HW router to restore factory settings.

How to Master Reset SoftBank 301HW Router Password using RESET button?

1. Turn on the SoftBank 301HW router.

2. Open the back cover.

3. Find the RESET button as marked in the image.

4. Press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds using pin/pen/pencil.

5. Your router will be restarted automatically and will come in factory setting mode.

Note: Above mentioned method is useful when you have lost the login password. During factory reset, all stored passwords and configuration will be erased. After reset, you can use the default password, which is written on the device.

How to Master Reset SoftBank 301HW Router Password using WebUI Interface?

1. Turn on the router.

2. Connect to PC or phone with WiFi.

3. Access Huawei 301HW default web page.

4. Login into the device.

5. Select Settings > Factory Data Reset.

6. Select Reset.

7. When prompted, select OK.

Now, your SoftBank 301HW will be restart automatically and set to factory settings. You can use the default login to access the device.


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