After the grand success of OnePlus 1 the upcoming handset OnePlus 2 by OnePlus is been leaks have been hitting the Web almost every day. As we approach the OnePlus 2’s launch, more rumours spreading through different media day by day.

According to OnePlus’ official Twitter account, the OnePlus 2 will be the first flagship to use Type-C USB cable.

Readers you are thinking ‘‘USB cable’’ what does it mean, several of devices comes with USB cable what’s new in it. Yes, it is not like other Type-C USB cable it is a high-end cable which features new connection the most exciting phrase in the world. There is only few handsets which having this feature and now OnePlus 2 will become one of them.


The benefits of USB Type-C are numerous – for example it’s reversible, which means you can plug the cable in any way around and it will work.

It can also transfer data up to 10Gbps, which is much faster than standard USB cables, and it will also charge devices quicker.

So showing off a USB cable might seem like a little thing, but it actually has big implications for the OnePlus 2. Expect to lock eyes on the handset soon.


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