Earlier launched, Lava W880 Power Bank is listed in its official website with a tag price Rs 2999. However, the product can be purchased in lowest price from Amazon India in Rs 2199 only.

Lava W880 Power BankAccording to the official website of Lava, the new Lava W880 comes with 8800mAH capacity battery, 2 USB charging outlets. The power bank can provide battery usage up to 8 hrs. The device weighs 300gms, and dimensions are 91.6mm X 40mm X 40mm.

The W880 can provide you continuous 6-8 hours battery usage, and also more than 3 months standby time. It is good for smartphones and tablets charging, if you are going away from your home-town, where you may face electricity problems.

Key specs of Lava W880 :

  1. Size : 91.6mm X 40mm X 40mm
  2. Weight : 300 gm
  3. correct battery usage time : 6-8 hours of continuous use
  4. stand by time : More than three months
  5. Battery cell type : CJS18650-2200mAh*4=8800mAH
  6. USB OUT1 : 5V/1000mA
  7. USB OUT2 : 5V/2100mA


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