According to the company, in India, it had received good consumer response on the budget smartphone – the InFocus M2. “We have sold 1,50,000 units in nearly 2.5 months with zero marketing spend and this proves that there is a demand for such a phones in the market,” Garg said.


The US brand, which expanded its smartphone series with the launch of the M530 flagship smartphone on Tuesday, also plans to sell offline eventually but would stick to online sales for now.

That is what Nitin Garg, director marketing of InFocus India, says in a way. “We will pull sales from both sides of the spectrum and our immediate rivals will be players like Xiaomi and OnePlus,” he told IANS following the launch of the InFocus M350 and InFocus M530 handsets by the company on Tuesday.

Further Garg added, ‘‘The Company used the InFocus M2 and InFocus M350 to understand consumer demand. “We were gearing up for the showdown and users can expect to see several launches from our end.’’ “We have mapped the market in terms of segments where consumers are buying smartphones and the trends for the next one year in terms of buyer behaviour.” The company had done this eight months back.

InFocus, which has a very small team in India, also said that they were not in the market to play the price game.We are not going to launch high specifications phones at low prices but at the same time our price will delight the consumer.

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