Following Huawei, ZTE is another popular brand which devices can be found worldwide by network provider companies. You can search my blog for the various unlocking solutions of ZTE and Huawei modems and routers also.
Modem ZTE MF627 ZTE MF628 Internet Key / Broadband
Modem ZTE MF627 ZTE MF628 Internet Key / Broadband
As you may already know that DC Unlocker is the best unlocking software for unlocking ZTE and Huawei brand modems and phones, but it paid service, and one has to pay for using it. You may also know that the cracked version of DC-Unlocker software works with all old model models of ZTE brands. But with the cracked version of DC-Unlocker, MF627 and MF628 dongles can not be unlocked. But, one can unlock his ZTE MF627/ MF628 USB Modem dongle by re-flashing it. This simple software re-flash can only work on all Windows versions, and the whole process takes around 20-25 minutes.
ZTE flasher

You need to download the file from the download link provided at the end of the article. It includes the firmware installer/flasher and the instructions in both PDF and DOC versions. Please note that flashing or updating the firmware involves some risk, particularly if you don’t follow the instructions properly. It could break your modem and may become unusable forever. So it is essential to read and understand the instructions carefully and follow them properly.

After unlocking, create a profile as per your network provider SIM card and start enjoying the unlocked ZTE MF627 / MF628 USB data card all over the world.

Download ZTE MF626, MF627, and MF628 Unlocker Free


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