Google has released a tool enabling those who wish to jump on board with its exciting Project Fi mobile network venture to check on their invite status, while also pledging to get all invites out by the middle of the summer.


Early adopters who signed up for Project Fi, Google’s recently announced initiative to provide its own cellular service, can now keep better tabs on the status of their requested invite thanks to a new online tool Google rolled out this week. Potential Project Fi customers were alerted to the availability of the tool by way of an email which informed them that they could now track the status of their invite via the Project Fi sign-up page.

Now the firm has launched an official portal where those who’ve requested an invite can gauge when they may be able to join in the fun. The sign up page also offers an estimated time to expect the invite (mine says 3-4 weeks) for the Nexus 6 -centric platform.


The groundbreaking MVNO, which offers U.S. residents customer-friendly pay-as-you-go data plans that roll over into the next billing cycle, was announced in late April.

What is Project Fi?
The highlights of the Project Fi service are the ability for customers to pay for only the data they consume and the opportunity to use the service without restrictions or roaming fees in over 120 countries around the world.
project fi

The company will charge subscribers a basic $20 a month for talking, texting, Wi-Fi, tethering and international roaming, while data will be $10/GB each month. If users buy 2GB of data and only use 1.4GB of that data, they’ll be credited $6 at the end of the billing cycle.

As also rumoured, Google’s Project Fi will automatically hop between mobile data networks in order to provide users with the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE speeds as possible.

The first invites for the service, which also offers introduces innovative network hopping between Sprint and T-Mobile, were sent out in early May, while thousands of eager folks are believed to be on Google’s waiting list.

Source: google

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