Earlier I had modified the Huawei Mobile Partner V23. and I had enabled WiFi facility. There were various limitations in Huawei Mobile Partner V23. Like people were not able to use the USSD and with that version people can enjoy the internet with another shared wifi internet. But, I am sharing with you Huawei Mobile Partner V23. Free with WiFi Facility, which has various new features which you might be not aware. With the help of newest Huawei mobile partner software Version, you can make your Windows PC as WiFi Hotspot. There is no need to purchase separate internet connection to use another in another PC or mobile phone.Before a few days, I had written an article “Download Latest Huawei Modem Drivers 64 bit and 32 bit for all latest dongle and wingle”. In that article, I had shared highest Huawei mobile partner drivers version was But, Huawei Mobile Partner V23. comes with latest drivers.


What is new in Huawei drivers Version

  • Support HCK2.1 logo test.
  • Fix the issue of BSOD in win8.1.

What is new in Huawei Mobile Partner V23. ?

  • New and clean user interface
  • it has been released with latest drivers
  • It supports SMS features.
  • It supports USSD function.
  • One can see the statistics of internet usage.
  • You can make a voice call.
  • It has Phonebook.
  • It comes with automatic APN

In this latest Huawei Mobile Partner V23., I want to highlight that it comes with automatic APN and there is no need to select the APN also. Just change the sim and when network ready , click on Connect and it will be connected to the internet.

The another main important feature of this Huawei Mobile Partner is WiFi Hotspot.

Refer “How to use Huawei Modem Dongle as WiFi Hotspot Free” about WiFi sharing feature of the latest Huawei Mobile Partner.

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