Bharti Airtel has launched fourth generation (4G) trials for its customers in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). To avail the complimentary 4G upgrade, existing Airtel customers with 4G ready mobile devices can walk into their nearest Airtel Store and switch to a 4G SIM.

“Airtel’s 4G services in the NCR are the first in India to leverage an integrated frequency division (FD) and time-division (TD) network which will deliver the fastest 4G experience and superior network coverage,” statement by the company official.

Mobile plans(Postpaid) in Delhi NCR as follows:
Plan (INR)                  Monthly Benefit (GB)
100                                  300MB
250                                  1GB
450                                  2GB
650                                  3GB
750                                  4GB
850                                  5GB
950                                  6GB
1250                                8GB
1500                                10GB

As starting stage of project Airtel provides data surfing to its customers across Delhi-NCR at 4G speed on 3G prices.

Source: airtel

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