ZTE MF65+ is a 3G mobile WiFi router that is available in the Philippines (Smart, MSI), Poland (Orange), Portugal (NOS), Romania (Telekom) and Newzealand (Spark).

Features and Specs of ZTE MF65+

The MF65+ features 850 / 2100 MHz band with 21Mbps data (HSPA+) and 2G GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz with 384Kbps data. It has a SIM slot and is equipped with 1.5″ Colour LCD display. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and up to 10 users can connect to the internet simultaneously.

There is no external antenna is available in MF65+. It has a 1500 mAh Li-ion removable battery. It measures 102 x 50 x 14.9mm and weight is 78g. It comes unlocked in Newzealand and locked to a particular network in other countries.

How to Unlock ZTE MF65+ Mobile WiFi Router?

1. Switch off the MF65+.

2. Change the default SIM card of MF65+ with any other network provider.

3. Switch on the router.

4. Connect to PC using USB cable or WiFi.

5. Open My Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM.

6. Install in required drivers in PC.

7. Now it will open the default web page of the device ( or

8. Login to the device with admin/password.

9. It should redirect you to the unlocking page.

If not, then go to Settings >> APN.

10. Enter the 16-digits/character unlock code and press Enter from the keyboard.

11. Once the device will accept the code, it will start showing the signal of inserted SIM card.

12. Now create a new profile and connect to the internet.

Note: Some devices does not prompt for SIMlock code in Settings >> APN. For those who are unable to search option for NCK / SIMlock code. Browse the default page of MF65+ in Chrome. Go to Settings >> APN. Right click and select Inspect. Some codings will be opened.

Search for Unlock. You will get “display: none” in three places. Replace it with “display: yes”. Now you will see an option to enter the code.

How to Reset ZTE MF65+ Mobile WiFi Router?

1. Make sure the device is turned on.

2. Press and hold the Power and WPS key.

3. Hold for 10 seconds.

4. The device will restart and default password will be restored.

Note II: Unlock code of ZTE MF65+ is not free. We can provide the factory unlock code for ZTE devices. Only pay, if the device is asking for SIMlock / NCK as described above. No (R) No refund will be provided for mistakes. Correct code will be emailed.

Order SIM Unlock Code of ZTE MF65+


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