Despite using Facebook extensively, there are many features and tricks about the application you may not know about. Here are some Facebook features which most of us are not aware of:

Disable the “seen” read receipt


The read receipts option of Facebook messages is a source of great distress for many people. If you do not like to reply instantly despite checking out a message, you should disable the “seen” receipt, and people would not know that you are ignoring them. You have to download an extension for Google Chrome known as the “Facebook Unseen” Chrome extension or “Message Seen Disable for Facebook” for Firefox.

Export your friend’s birthdays

You can export the birthdays of all your friends to your Google calendar. This will enable you to get notified about all birthdays. You have to go to the Events section and go to the section of Upcoming events and birthdays. Copy the link, open google calendar, click on the down arrow beside Other Calenders and paste the copied link.

Access the “Other” inbox

There are two types of inboxes on Facebook which many of us do not know about. An inbox called the Other inbox contains messages sent to you by people, not your friend list. You have to choose the other option in your inbox to access these messages.

Search for specific posts

Facebook search has been updated and allows you to search for posts which have been shared with you. It would be best if you typed a friend’s name and a specific keyword of a certain post sent to you by him, and you will find the post in the search results.

Hide your friend list

You can hide your friend list from all your friends by going to the Friends section, selecting privacy, and changing the friend list privacy setting to Only Me.

Hide a post from specific people

There may be certain posts that you do not want specific people to find out or check out. It would be best to go to the “Who should see this?” menu beside the Post button, choose Custom and add those specific people to the Don’t share this with the list.

Disable videos from auto-playing the news feed

Autoplay of videos in your news feed can be annoying and harmful for your data plan as well. You can turn off the autoplay option by going to Settings, Videos, and Photos, Auto Play and disable the smart autoplay option.

Know the cover photo size

For the perfect cover photo, you require a big photo. You should always use an image, which fits the dimensions of 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall for desktop and 399 pixels x 150 pixels for mobile.

Stop game requests

Game requests are irritating and keep on coming all the time. You should go to more > settings > notifications > mobile push and disable the Application Requests option for disabling them.

Hide your online chat status

If you are irritated by random people in your chat, you can hide your online status from them. Open the chat window, click on the upper right icon, choose advanced settings, turn off chat for all friends, or turn off chat for only some friends by adding the names in the list.

Change your relationship status without any drama

For changing your relationship status without creating an alarm, you should go to the About section, go to Family and relationships and change the privacy settings to Only Me. After this, any changes you make will not be notified to your friends.

Send money through Messenger

The $ icon in Facebook Messenger allows you to pay your Facebook friends money. This feature is like PayPal or Square Cash, and payment can be made via debit card.

Download new photos you’ve been tagged to a Dropbox folder

This option is great for saving photos from events and parties. You have to create an account at and go to a page where your Facebook and Dropbox accounts will get connected. After verification, you have to enable the “recipe,” following which every photo you’ve tagged will be saved.

Create a “Looking Back” video of your Facebook history

You have to go to the link for watching your entire history on Facebook in the form of a video. The video is generated automatically by the site and features all your memories and moments, the posts you have liked the post, and collages of several events. You can edit the photos which you want to feature.

There are several tricks and features about Facebook which are not known to many people in general. These features are simple and easy to access and by availing them you will discover new aspects of Facebook which you never knew was possible.

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