Unlocking of Reliance WD670 WI-POD 4G LTE router is now available. Basically, it is a ZTE WD670 and does not prompt for simlock / unlock code after changing the simcard. Means, unlocking of WD670 WI-POD is impossible using NCK code.

However, it can be unlocked by firmware change. We have personally tested and unlocked it. After unlocking of Reliance WD670 WI-POD, you can use any simcard around the world. It supports FDD LTE: B3/B5/B40 (850 / 1800 / 2300 MHZ) bands and up to 31 WiFi users can connect with this device, at a time. Its download speed is 150Mbps and upload speed limit is 50Mbps.

How to Unlock Reliance WD670 WI-POD?

1. Download the Reliance WD670 WI-POD unlocking file (Link will be provided to only paid customers).

2. Install the Android drivers first.

3. Now switch off the Reliance WD670 WI-POD.

4. Remove the battery.

5. Press and hold WPS+Power button.

6. It will be started in fastboot / download mode.

7. Connect to PC with USB cable.

8. Run the firmware unlocking file.

9. Within 30-second it will be restarted automatically.

Now your Reliance WD670 WI-POD has been successfully unlocked to use with all 4G LTE supported simcards.

You can also watch the unlocking video of Reliance WD670 WI-POD