Vodafone has recently launched R207 Mobile WiFi MiFi router in various countries. Basically, it is Huawei E5330 and can be unlocked like E5330. Unlocking benefit is that, after unlock you can use any another network provider SIM as well as default Vodafone SIM card.


How to Unlock Vodafone R207 Mobile WiFi MiFi Router?

1. Make sure that your R207 is fully charged.

2. Change the default SIM with another network provider SIM and plug to Windows PC using USB cable.

3. Let it install all the drivers and software which is required by R207 to run it properly.

4. Now, open the Internet Explorer and type in browser or whatever is the default IP address of your router.

5. Login to router dashboard. (Default username and password are admin if not then check the router manual).

6. Search for NCK / Unlock / Password / SIM Lock option and put the correct 8-digit unlock code.

7. Now reboot the Vodafone R207 and it will show the network.

8. Create the new profile according to the new SIM card and connect to the internet.

Note: Unlock code for Vodafone R207 router is not free. If you want correct code then pay US $6 and mention model with IMEI in the transactions. If you are facing the problem, then leave a comment, it will be replied within 8 hrs.

Note II: Vodafone is also offering R207-Z, which is ZTE make. Unlock code charge of Vodafone ZTE R207Z router is 6USD.


  1. Want huawei normal firmware for vodafone r207 also known as huawei e5330 the vodafone webui reduces functionality i want to be able to use the huawei webui

  2. If I place my imei 353604068519273…..and my code 37889833 to unload at the procedure they showed me vodafonemobile.wifi/html/home.htm?start page=network-umlock please it keeps telling me I should try again with my code it’s incorrect left with last attempt what should I do


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