I have already written about unlocking of Blau Germany Huawei E5220s-2 Mobile WiFi routerHuawei E5220s-1 / E5220s-6 / E5220s-81Orange E5220 (E5220s-2) FranceScotland 3 (Three) E5220France SFR E5220 (E5220s-2), and UK E5220 (E5220s-2) 3 network WiFi MiFi router. You can also use DC unlocker to unlock Huawei E5220 router, but the unlocking charge is 7 EURO.

Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router Gateway
Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router Gateway

Now, I can provide the following countries model network unlock code :


  1. E5220s-6 TelecomNZ New Zealand
  2. E5220s-2 Globe Philippines
  3. E5220s-2 H3G UK
  4. E5220s-2 SFR France
  5. E5220s-2 Channel Saudi Arabia
  6. E5220s-6_ Empyrean Philippines
  7. E5220s-6 SUN Philippines
  8. E5220s-2 Meteor Ireland
  9. E5220s-1 Moldova Orange
  10. E5220s-1 AMS Indonesia
  11. E5220s-2 Elisa Finland
  12. E5220s-2 Orange France
  13. E5220s-6 Claro Peru
  14. E5220s-6 Personal Paraguay
  15. E5220s-2 AIS (TOT) Thailand
  16. E5220s-6 Digicel Jamaica
  17. E5220s-2 of Poland
  18. E5220s-2 Channel Russian Federation
  19. E5220s-2 Telenor Hungary
  20. E5220s-2 Orange Spain
  21. E5220s-1 Telefonica Czech Republic
  22. E5220s-1 TAMIO Taiwan
  23. E5220s-2 SFR France
  24. E5220s-2 Telenor Serbia


Note : I provide the unlock code in only 2.38$, users who are interested, just pay for router code through PayPal button. While paying mention model with IMEI in the transaction. Correct code will be emailed within 8 hrs. Users who want more codes can refer this article.



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