I have already written about unlocking of Blau Germany Huawei E5220s-2 Mobile WiFi routerHuawei E5220s-1 / E5220s-6 / E5220s-81Orange E5220 (E5220s-2) FranceScotland 3 (Three) E5220France SFR E5220 (E5220s-2), and UK E5220 (E5220s-2) 3 network WiFi MiFi router. You can also use DC unlocker to unlock Huawei E5220 router, but the unlocking charge is 7 EURO.

Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router Gateway
Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router Gateway

Now, I can provide the following countries model network unlock code:


  1. E5220s-6 TelecomNZ New Zealand
  2. E5220s-2 Globe Philippines
  3. E5220s-2 H3G UK
  4. E5220s-2 SFR France
  5. E5220s-2 Channel Saudi Arabia
  6. E5220s-6 Empyrean Philippines
  7. E5220s-6 SUN Philippines
  8. E5220s-2 Meteor Ireland
  9. E5220s-1 Moldova Orange
  10. E5220s-1 AMS Indonesia
  11. E5220s-2 Elisa Finland
  12. E5220s-2 Orange France
  13. E5220s-6 Claro Peru
  14. E5220s-6 Personal Paraguay
  15. E5220s-2 AIS (TOT) Thailand
  16. E5220s-6 Digicel Jamaica
  17. E5220s-2 of Poland
  18. E5220s-2 Channel Russian Federation
  19. E5220s-2 Telenor Hungary
  20. E5220s-2 Orange Spain
  21. E5220s-1 Telefonica Czech Republic
  22. E5220s-1 TAMIO Taiwan
  23. E5220s-2 SFR France
  24. E5220s-2 Telenor Serbia


Note: I provide the unlock code of Huawei E5220, users who are interested can place an order at routerunlock.com. While paying mention model with IMEI in the transaction. Correct code will be emailed. Users who want more codes can refer this article.

Order SIM Unlock Code of Huawei E5220


  1. Hi!
    I have a WebPocket E5220s of (La3 italy), I would like to use another sim of another manager for example (Vodafone italy) but I’m stuck by I need a code to unlock it, please can you help me ?? … and how much it costs ? thank you.


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